Moon & Bird Paper Mâché Night Lights


MR. MOON RESTS while Bird stands alert, perched upon Moon’s curled chinney chin chin. The natural cypress base supports their look out and conceals the low voltage control of the LED back lights. Moon is illuminated with tiny white LEDs and Bird’s color-cycling RGB LEDs slowly pulses through an infinite combination of colors.


ROUNDY MOON glows over a starry universe, while Bird has his back, keeping an eye on the room’s inhabitants, secure in knowing that her colorful aura will provide a restful ambiance.


SWEET LITTLE MOON naps peacefully while Bird is perched alertly on the oak stump, keeping an eye open and maintaining a steady glow from the random cycling color LED lights hidden within.


MS. LOVELY MOON watches from above as Bird orbits the scene. The cloud shaped base grounds their action with a blue sky motif.


OLD Mr. MOON sits with Ms. Bird on their own oak stump, both keeping an eye peeled while those around them sleep and dream.