Moon & Bird Porcelain Night Lights

Moon&Bird Porcelain Night Lights

Moon&Bird spoke to me on the day the cat jumped over the moon. Beginning with paper maché visions, I have chased them through a variety of media, finally rediscovering ceramic slip casting.

These good night moon lights are realized in LED backlit translucent cast porcelain. Moon radiates a soft warm steady glow, while Bird displays a subtle random coloring. The 10″ tall automatic nightlights cycle on in the darkness, and off in the light, powered by a 5v wall adapter.

Luna, Rex and Kris make up the current M&B family. There may be future castings, so I’m considering interest to determine a limited production run.

If you want to know more, here are their stories…

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Responses to “Moon & Bird Porcelain Night Lights”

  1. Peggy Mesler

    Super cool
    I hope these take off for you!

    1. ELsignliter

      Hey Peg…thanks for being my first commenter.

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